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Power Yoga is a fast-paced, energetic and dynamic style of yoga. Baron Baptiste, taking inspiration from the beautiful Eastern practice of yoga, has sympathetically created a style of yoga to suit modern Western lives with benefits for both physical and mental wellbeing.

The continual flow from one pose to the next creates a strong, toned and supple body whilst the linking of movement with breath creates stillness and space in the mind.


Yoga can help us find peace and strength in our busy lives and become calmer, healthier and happier.  

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The benefits of Power Yoga are for both body and mind:

  • Weight loss - the link between your breath and the movement increases the heart rate and therefore heat in the body resulting in the burning of calories. An average fast-paced one hour class can burn up to 450 calories

  • Muscle tone and definition

  • Flexibility

  • Detox - through sweat and internal stretching

  • Mental wellbeing - the "ujjayi" breath used in Vinyasa is very powerful. It allows the lungs to fill with oxygen to their full potential. This in turn calms the mind, reducing stress and anxiety as well as reducing the risk of high blood pressure

  • Organs - are healed and they begin to work at their full potential

  • Improved sleep - alongside improved physical and mental wellbeing

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Classes start from 10th September 2021

  • Classes last 1 hour 

  • Zoom £9 a class 

  • Group classes cost £11- £12.50 per session when block-booked. £15 for a drop in .

  • Private sessions vary in price depending on location and group size.

  • Classes can accommodate different levels of experience, but if you are unsure please ask.

I am also a qualified nutritionist and can organise separate sessions for nutritional advice.

To book your mat for the term please email me your preferred class- book now!


When I came to Liv's yoga class I was a little anxious as I had only done yoga a few times before, but the minute Liv began the lesson I relaxed straight into it. Liv has a real gift for making each person feel at ease and I really enjoyed taking some time for myself. Here’s to the next class!


As a newcomer to yoga I was nervous about my ability to keep up, but Liv's positive encouragement, clear demonstration and meaningful adjustments have given me the confidence to participate, and after only 5 sessions I feel stronger and have well and truly got the yoga bug. Thank you Liv, your classes are wonderful and whilst the work-out benefits are undeniable I also feel that my sessions are a lovely tranquil time for me to switch off from the stresses of everyday life. 


Liv's classes are wonderful escapism and although it is so relaxing, it does make you sweat loads! Liv has a lovely manner and touch and when she encourages you deeper into the pose it feels amazing. The Savasana at the end is heavenly!





Yoga came into my life while I was living in London working for Vogue magazine. I joined a gym where I would spend my lunch breaks pounding the treadmill and I made no time for other exercise. One Friday evening, after a tough week, I felt beyond exhausted and so I ventured into a yoga class hoping it might re-energise me. It was lovely and I left feeling calmer but it didn’t wow me.


The following week I decided to try a different style of yoga; this time a fast-paced flowing yoga called Vinyasa. It was a much more physical workout as well as mentally calming and brought on a sense of openness and release in body and mind that I was not expecting. It was so powerful yet grounding... I was hooked! And so began my love affair with yoga.


Years later I discovered a version of Vinyasa called Baptiste Power Yoga and was inspired to retrain as an instructor (200hrs The House of Yoga, London). I now teach this dynamic and energetic yoga in the style of Baptiste. It will challenge you sympathetically, transform your body and make you stronger, all whilst having fun. It’s the perfect mix of sweat and serenity!


If you would like to start the life-changing journey of yoga, please do get in touch. I look forward to meeting you on your mat.




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