Yoga came into my life while I was living in London working for Vogue magazine. I joined a gym where I would spend my lunch breaks pounding the treadmill and I made no time for other exercise. One Friday evening, after a tough week, I felt beyond exhausted and so I ventured into a yoga class hoping it might re-energise me. It was lovely and I left feeling calmer but it didn’t wow me.


The following week I decided to try a different style of yoga; this time a fast-paced flowing yoga called Vinyasa. It was a much more physical workout as well as mentally calming. It brought on a sense of openness and release in body and mind that I was not expecting that was powerful and grounding... I was hooked! And so began my love affair with yoga.


Years later I discovered a version of Vinyasa called Baptiste Power Yoga and was inspired to retrain as an instructor. I now teach this dynamic and energetic yoga in the style of Baptiste. It will challenge you sympathetically, transform your body and make you stronger, all whilst having fun. It’s the perfect mix of sweat and serenity!


If you would like to start the life-changing journey of yoga, please do get in touch. I look forward to meeting you on your mat.